Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ya Zopadit Majya - By Saint Tukdoji Maharaj

Back To My School Days Again. One More Favorite Marathi Poem from My School Book which I have never Forgotten 

ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या 

राजस जी महाली, सौख्य कधी मिळाली 
ती सर्व प्राप्त झाली, ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या   

भूमीवरी पडावे, ताऱ्यांकडे पहावे 
प्रभुनाम नित्य गावे, ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या  

पहारे आणि तिजोर्या, तिथुनी होती चोर्या 
दारास नाही दोर्या, ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या 

जाता तया महाला, मज्जाव शब्द आला 
भीती न यावयाला, ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या 

महाली मऊ बिछाने, कंदील शामदाने 
आम्हा जमीन माने, ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या 

येता तरी सुखे या, जाता तरी सुखे जा 
कोणावरी न बोझा, या झोपडीत माझ्या 

पाहुनी सौख्य माझे, देवेंद्र तो हि लाझे 
शांती सदा विराजे, ह्या झोपडीत माझ्या


  1. While in school to remember this poem, we use to sing it to the tune of marathi song "Ha khel saavlyancha"...this poem goes fluent to the tune of this song. Thanks a lot for uploading it on your site, A simple poem leaving a neverending impact once you read it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Very True..... It indeed leaves a never ending impact.

  2. Hi,
    when i was small kid my dad used to sing this poem for me and my brothers.
    very beautiful and meaningful poem, i love it very much and thanks for posting it...

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting and for your comment too!!!

  3. Lovely remembering the tune and this poem. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Thanks a lot for publishing it here. I needed this song. Thank you very much.

  5. can anybody where i can download this mp3 format

  6. when i was in primary school than time my mother teach me this poem ,i like it very much because that time we use too live cottage (zopadi)

  7. I had recited this poem during my Marathi elocution competition and I had won 1st prize that time I was in std I've initial it was difficult for me to recite as I was non marathi speaking but once I understood its in depth meaning it just flowed out on the stage